In House ERP - The Software that Made our lifes just a tad bit simpler.

To enhance business efficiency, instead of opting for various platforms to handle our data, we at Boilerplate invested a little time in developing an In House ERP.

Our personalized ERP had to - keep track of various quotations we had served our clients, the payments made, progress made in their respective application and our finances.

Our most important requirement was the automated generation of various quotations on our company letterhead. Copying the “Terms and Legal section” each time was a tedious task. To overcome these issues, we created our ERP which works as explained below.

Filling in only 5 fields, one of which was an excel sheet with the price breakdown, a quotation could be generated. The excel sheet would be parsed and displayed as a table. The final draft is then emailed to the client from our [email protected] address.

The response received is categorised into Approved, Declined or Pending (default status) categories. Approved projects appear on our page where we enter details about the project such as project description, estimated deadline, employees working on it and other relevant details. This is similar to a digital SCRUM board where the employee in charge can monitor which story is in which phase (In Progress, Emergency, Testing, Deployed, e.t.c.). The employee gets a confirmation email once added to a story.

There is also a provision to set reminders for payments. The client receives an email regarding payments due.

We are working towards adding features to make this ERP more client-oriented. They should be able to view the progress of the project, the Code commits made (if push has been made to GitHub. We link the Private repo to our ERP), payment due dates, tentative deadlines, number of people assigned, all sorts of graphics, digital content and more.

We are confident that this ERP will grow as we grow.