In House ERP - The Software that Made our lifes just a tad bit simpler.

Boilerplate developed an In House ERP ( We aren’t really good with names as you might have figured ) to meet their custom needs. Instead of opting for various platforms that would do this job for us, we decided to invest some-time in developing an In House ERP for ourselves.

We were finding it difficult to keep track of various quotations we had served our clients, the payments made, progress made in their respective application and keep a tab on our finances. Although these problems could’ve been solved by subscribing to 2 or 3 of the existing players in the market but integrating all of them to one platform and making sure everything is automated didn’t seem like worth our buck.

The most important thing that no one in the market solved for us what generation of various quotations on our company letterhead through an automated process. We have a certain number of Terms and Legal section in our quotations ( Boilerplate material as one would call them. Yes, that’s where the company name comes from – “Boilerplate Code” ) which we had to copy paste over and over again. We had a template ready in MS Word to make this job easier for us but that didn’t help us much as the formatting wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be with the company letter head template.

So, we decided to create a system of our own. This system could generate quotations for you based on only 5 fields out of which one was an excel sheet which would have the price breakdown. We then parsed this excel sheet and created a table in the quotation. We took this application certain steps further and added the functionality where the quotation is emailed to the client from our [email protected] email. And once a response is received, we can change the status of the quotation from Approved, Declined or Pending ( Default status ). Once approved , this would then appear on our approved clients page where we enter details about the project, estimated deadline, employees working on it and more such relevant detail. This basically is a digital SCRUM board so that employees can keep track of what story is in what phase ( In Progress, Emergency, Testing, Deployed, e.t.c ). Each employee could assign himself to a story or the admin adds employees to each story. Upon being added to the project, the employee gets an email being informed ( The Employee Dashboard is a bit different than the Admin Dashboard for obvious reasons ).

This ERP also let us set reminders for payments, where the client gets an email regarding the current payment to be made once the payment is not approved even after the set deadline from the Admin Dashboard.

This made it easier as we could generate a quotation, send it to the client, assign employees to the project once approved, create a digital SCRUM Board and set email reminders for the Client all in one place.

We are in the process of adding a feature to this ERP where the Client will be able to view the progress of the project, the Code commits made ( if push has been made to GitHub. We link the Private repo to our ERP ), Payment due dates, tentative deadlines, number of people assigned, all sorts of graphics, digital content and more shared with him and the stories completed thus far.

This ERP will be added with much more features as we grow. One can say that this ERP grows as we grow ( We might come up with a better name in the future but for now, we are sticking with In House ERP ). ation will still be completely Ad-Free ( If we can allocate resources and time on this Application )