Kolben Hydraulics

Kolben is one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of Industrial Hydraulics Products. They are the providers for packaged solutions and services for a range of applications.

They required a complete overhaul of their website in order to make it different screen size appropriate and embellished to appeal to their foreign clients.

We at Boilerplate were as excited to receive this project as they were to hand it over. Digitizing a major aspect of this industry from a rudimentary stage was a challenge we accepted with fervour.

Their brief requirements were mainly standard; some exceptions being -

  • Personalised news portal (Similar to a blog) - We built a basic News Portal in MEAN Stack. The Client was provided with an Admin Login through which they could post and update content easily. At Boilerplate, we only present personally approved, high-quality work. This is why we chose not to take the easy way out by hosting a Wordpress Blog at a sub-domain. Also, the WordPress Dashboard (without any paid plugin) could not be made to have the same look and feel as the existing website. Without WordPress, the hassles of posting and updating News articles were also circumvented.

  • A product page with various product filters - Displaying various product filters in an uncluttered space on the product page is of high importance, demanding refined skills to meet the standards set by the client.

Next on our agenda was adding ‘zoom on hover’ for the images on the applications page. Images opened a slider on click and each of those images required a ‘zoom on hover’. For this task, ‘mouseover hover’ was not as pleasing as expected. Finally, we decided to have 2 images – one displayed pre-zoom and one displayed post-zoom. Now, a ‘magnifying glass on hover’ can be observed as shown.

Creating a product filter that would engage the customers and make our client’s work effortless was one of our objectives. The client required a convenient way to add and remove products, and modify descriptions on the fly. The client had an excel sheet (with a fixed format) for their product catalogue and a word document for their descriptions and other relevant information. Although the word file had different formatting, we parsed the word document, so the client had to just upload new excel sheets with the relevant word files. Providing a Dashboard for the same seemed an extravagant affair.

The results of our and our client’s vision (in the form of a website) can be found here.